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Re: Sugarland/missouri City, Tx Crossitters

Hi Erin,

I stumbled into CF when I was in search for paramount upper body strength regimens and superior progressions for my female clients back in April 07. Have been lurking around since then. Religiously looking at a lot of vids/slide shows and reading a lot of the available journals. Then, I decided that this is actually The Ideal Wrkout for ME, myself and I. So, slowly familiarized myself with the basics and incorporating portions of WODs into my workout. Finally, around September I got rid of most of my old routines, let go of most of the formats I teach at the globos. In January, when I started posting I have officially gotten rid of non-CF workouts except for indoor cycling and some isolated lat/rhomboid muscle exercises. As far as the strength aspect, I was really amazed. Having equiped with tools from the website (big fan of Rippetoe and Burgener), I have come to love the Oly bar.

FS 155# is still not as deep as I'd like it to be, I think. Nobody's around to coach me on that one. Shiba Inu is a japanese breed dog, my own dog. But the significance of using it as a screen name is that it is a small dawg. For the moment I am not top dawg (not yet, that is ). Thanks for your reply.
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