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Re: Floyd R workout log

Front Range Crossfit
Day 3

Work Out:

5 rounds of:

20 meters over-head lunge
20 push jerks
20 meter over-head lunge
30 situps

Mark off a 20 meter track. Take one 35 lb object (25 lb for women/Floyd) and raise it over your head in one hand. Do a walking lunge to the end of the track. At the far end, do a total of 20 push jerks (10 each hand) with the object, then turn around and lunge back to that starting point with the object in the opposite hand. When you get back to the starting point, set the object down and do 30 situps. Repeat 5 times. Ouch.

Time: Floyd 14:13 (12 kg)

Food of the day:

1 bowl of cereal - 7am
1 small bag of trail mix (peanuts, almonds, rasins, yogurt bits). - 10am
2 hot dogs - 11am
1 tuna w/ mayo on wheat - 5pm
1 tuna w/ mayo on wheat - 6pm
1 fiber ONE bar - 7:30pm

notes: wow i accually ate alot today! too bad it's not zone!
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