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Re: Patella femoral syndrome

Originally Posted by Roxanne McClain View Post
I am trying to figure out what is going on with my right knee as well. My knee doesn't bother me at all some days, but after heavy lifts (front squats did it this time) my right knee kills me for days. I had a trainer use voodoo floss on it back in the summer and for almost a month I was completely pain free. It was amazing. I have went to the floss a few times since then and it always cleared it up within a couple of days of really watching form. This time, nothing is helping. I think my problem may be weaker glutes and hams as well, b/c I am constantly trying to keep knees pushed out during heavy lifts.
The pain is always located right around the inner side of my knee area and last night it was really tender in the back of it too. Any ideas?
I thought I had pretty good squat form, but I don't know if its getting thown off during heavy lifts or what might be happening. Any ideas?
2 things to consider;

1.Lengthy, but you owe it to yourself to make it through. WFS

2. In the same way that people may not be a great trainer after the weekend of a L1 cert especially without some prior knowledge, the same can be said for the overwhelming number of people that finish the mobility cert, or read The Supple Leopard; and their abilities to cure everything, ever.

Don't ask your trainer. Ask a professional.
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