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Re: Controlling your ego and your drive?

Originally Posted by Alexander Kornishev View Post
Frank, one more thing to consider is even when you are a firebreather you can't constantly go all out all the time. Most coaches will push people hard every day just because they have no idea who was working out few days in a row and who came in fresh. Either learn to pace yourself and ignore your coach if you know that today you should not go 100% or do not come to your affiliate for every training session. Personally I feel that it is difficult to avoid competition with other people and to ignore coaches so I do 75% of my training on my own. And remaining 25% I can afford to go really hard plus it feels much more fun that way.
Alexander, this is good advice. Coaches can't really read everyone, especially when there are 8 - 10 people in a group. I know it is ultimately up to me to be responsible and take care of myself. That means not going 100% everyday.

It's funny because the first three weeks, I was fine for the most part. Good soreness and I felt progress. These last two workouts have really killed me to the point that I am not able to function properly. It's disheartening and makes me question CF, but I know I need to be more in charge if I plan to continue with crossfit.
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