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Crap Rx, supplements designed for CrossFit

Hey guys, I just wanted to complement you guys on the site and the lively community here on the boards. I also wanted to give you a heads up on a new all natural supplement line that my company just released for Crossfit and give you guys a huge launch discount. We normally hold this coupon code for people we interact with at the regionals but I thought I'd share it here since you guys can really put it to the test and provide feedback.

Here goes nothing. Apologies if this is not allowed on the site. I'm hoping you guys might look past this since I'm offering 40% off to the members of the board. Nope. You're banned now. Thanks for following the AUP.

Link deleted.

40% off your first purchase. This only lasts for another week.
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We've got a pre-workout, whey protein, recovery protein and fish oil caps. Let me know what you guys think!