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Kevin Hughes
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For the past month or so I have experienced an intense pain in both legs. This is not the usual muscle stiffness or soreness, and its not like a muscle pull. It feels like severe bruising localized about 5" above the kness on BOTH LEGS. It hurts like hell during my first few reps of squats, and gradually diminishes as I warm up. I feel it all day long though; such as when I get up from sitting, or when I crouch to read a putt. I do hill repeats on a bike, and I feel the pain for the first few intervals, especially when climbing out of the saddle, then it backs off.

Like I said, it does not feel like muscle type pain, its a unique sensation that I've never had before. Like a deep bruise with no discoloration of the skin or any visible evidence. I just completed a round of anti-inflamatories for a deltoid tear, and they made no difference to the quad pain. Its Sunday morning, I have not done any squats since Tuesday, and I still feel the pain. A little less than usual, but its still there. Any thoughts?

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