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Re: Garage Gym - finally!

Hi Vanessa,

Looks like you're doing pretty well. I have been running a boot camp for over 3 years. I started off slow too, and then built up. it is hard for my area to get people to exercise, I believe we are on the top 5 in the nation for overweight and obesity. But I am doing well. Now I am transitionaning to CF and since i am the only one in all of this region (South East Texas) to be offering it and people get intimidated by it, so looks Like i have to start from scratch.

However, I do have a lot of my clients that are liking it, and have said they will stick with me on the transition.

I have about 15, and some others I have found on the forum or that I meet and they are interested and I have given them some free classes.

Now ideas for for the beach, I have done for the last 3 years, a beach challenge once a year. I have the beach about 1 and half hour away from me. my website is down so I could tell you to check out my videos and pics but they are not available anymore.

But what I have was: I have tires, 18 wheelers, and big tractor tires, lots of sand bags, some 3 foot logs that are about 33 lbs each, 5 gallon water cans, some military euqipment i kept from the military, such as back packs, i have 2 50 goot ropes, and a lot fo tother stuff I have acquired or found on the way.

What I have done is built like obsstacle courses, I get there the day before, and all night till about 4 am or so, me and one or two of my friends, set up obstacles, just what ever it is. Such as the y have to carry a water can from one sand dune to the other, or I give them a poncho they have to carry on their military backpack, and they have to make a litter carry, like a bed sort of.

I make two teams, no matter how many people show up. Usually get about 20 to 27 or so. The first I do is give them all a Physical fitness test, that I used in the military as well. it is 2 minute push ups, 2 minute sit ups, and 2 mile run. At the end of the two miles, thats where they start their race back to the start line. This is what I did this year. it was awesome, they had fun.

I think just been creative, jsut find anything you can use and do obstacles and stuff. Now with CF i am already thinking of doing some kind of challenge at the beach with some of the otehr affiliates that are abotu to 5 hours away, I have talked to them and I am gonna go meet them this week.

Sorry for the long message, if you need any help on ideas feel free to PM me here, or message, or email me at

Hope this helps and thank you for your information.
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