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Re: Running Technique

Originally Posted by Andrew H. Meador View Post
Because they're tensing their muscles in a particular way to set up their skill. If they ran in a way to maximize their speed, they wouldn't be well set-up for what they're actually there to do.
No, this is incorrect.

Originally Posted by Zeke Riding View Post
Currently investigating running techniques. While there is plenty of good material out there about POSE etc, there a some others that are not as well documented, specifically the technique gymnasts use (high knees, high heels, straight arms).

Can anyone shed some light on why gymnasts run the way they do? Advantages, disadvantages, etc? Or provide links to articles that I have missed?
They are not taught proper running technique.

Most coaches don't know how to coach running technique, and just do what their coach said to do with is complete and utter trash.

That said, you have to have the ability to control your speed into tumbling and vaulting so the extra speed gained by correcting technique may not be necessarily beneficial. For the more powerful vaulters who can control it.. correcting their run will help
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