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i thought about becoming a firefighter as well. seems like an awesome profession. killer schedule, which gives you time to train, and you're doing something noble and selfless. i have a close friend who is a retired Lt. from FDNY. he's only like 46. he's retired because he was injured too many times. he's woken up in the hospital more than once not knowing what happened, punctured a lung, broken ribs, ruptured an eardrum, been burned a bunch, and popped his knee out dragging a 300lb. woman out of a burning building, and the bathtub that fell on him from the floor above is wht did him in. after taking to him for a while i opted to stick with my original plan and become an RN, and eventually a flight nurse, and then NP. i don't have the balls to run into a burning building, and this is coming from someone who is an ice climber! props to you if you end up doing it and to everyone on the site that is already a firefighter! you guys (and girls) are amazing, albiet a little crazy!

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