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New guy needs expert advice about using XFIT

hi all,

Well, Let me start by saying that its great to find out about cross fit at last. That being said, I really need the advice of some of the experts out there.
First a little about me, so you know where I'm starting from. I'm a former Captain in the Infantry and use to be in great shape. Due to an accident I ended up having my ACL reconstructed, collar bone broken, torn AC ligament (connects your shoulder to your collar bone) and some wrist issues. ( Doc's never could figure it out, still hurts like hell even after a surgery to remove the scar tissue and inflammation, although my docs have no Idea why its like that).
So now I sit 30lbs heavier and out of shape. For the past three weeks I've been working out twice a day, 5 days a week.
I have a couple goals I have to reach, and have listed them below along with my current workout. I'd really like someone to look at it then let me know if crossfit would be a better way to obtain my goals.

Goals: Push ups - 100 in 2 mins; situps -100 2 mins, and a 2mile time run in under 13:30. also a 300 meter sprint in under 50 seconds. and a 5 mile run time of less than 40 minutes.

Current workout: M,W,F

AM: A pyramid of pushups (four different types) for a total of 130
A pyramid of assisted pull ups - about 8
20 minutes of cardio

PM. (I do a full body lift with reps of 4, then 8. then 12. then 16. I start with a heavy weight and work to a lighter weight.
1. Incline Dumbbell press
2. Assisted chip ups
3. Dips (assisted)
4. Alternating standing Dumbbell curls
5. military DB press
6. 20 minutes of cardio

ON T, Th:

AM. Ab routine consisting of 2x35 situps, 20 (four count) flutter kicks and leg raises, then 2x10 hanging knee raises.
I also do 5x10 squats (bodyweight), and 2x10 lunges (also bodyweight)

PM. I do leg press, leg curls and calf raises following the same lifting routine I do for upper body.

I apologize for the long post, but I'm really concerned that if I do cross fit, I won't make my goals or drop the weight. I thought this would give you a good idea of where I'm at and where I want to be. I'm not afraid of the hard work.. and I have pretty thick skin so all advice is appreciated.

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