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From Fat to Fit

Hopefully the title of this thread will be true, sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Background on me: I’m in Greensboro, NC. I’m a 27yom, 6’1”, and have been pretty sedintary for about 4 years now. I’ve tried to get active again a couple of times, but nothing has really stuck. I first heard about CF through my brother, but never really looked into it until now. Recently, I tipped the scales at 285# and realized something had to change. I have a wife and 2 very young boys and I want to be able to enjoy many many more years with them. I realized that my current health/wellness trajectory wasn’t going to get me there. So, about 7 weeks ago I started jogging and exercising about 4 days a week. I also radically changed my diet. As a result I’m down to 270#. I have a long ways to go, but I believe CF will play a huge role in getting me there. I currently work out at a local affilitate, CrossfitGreensboro.

Backlog from previous WODs

First ever (highly scaled!!!) WOD just completed…. Gave “Del” a shot
15 Burpees
Ran 400m w/ 10 lb plate (No medball)
15 Beginner Pushups
Ran 400m. ditched the plate too awkward.
15 shoulder presses @ 45lbs.
Ran 400m.
Time: 15min.

BS and KB Swings
10 min.
50lb BS
40lb “Russian” style KB Swings according to exercise demo video @ CF main page. (don’t own any lighter KBs)

Scaled Hero WOD “Michael”
3 Rounds of
800m run
20 back extensions
20 sit ups
Time: 33:41

Fran- 65lbs, band assisted pull ups. 11:44

400m Run
50 Band assisted Ring Dips
400m Run
25 push ups (was supposed to do 50, but after 25 it was eek one out and fail, so I called it)
400m Run
(supposed to finish w/ 50 push ups on a box instead of HSPUs, but my arms were so dead after the dips and other push ups this wasn’t even happening)
Something like 19:40?

100 Jump Rope Single Skips
Run 600m
25 KB Swings 40#
Run 600m
25 Front Squats 65#
115 Single Skips
20 min(ish)

50 DUs (scaled to 100 singles)
5 rounds of (Scaled to 3 rounds):
5 Burpee to jumping pull up
10 Burpee to box jump (scaled to box step up, 24” box)
15 Burpees
Finish w/ 50 DUs (scaled to 100 singles)
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