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Re: 1 in 5 Restaurants Lies about Calories

Originally Posted by Stu Christensen View Post
Getting calorie counts from food is very specific and close to exact. There's no guessing involved. A tbsp of butter is the same in every restaurant as well as my home kitchen, same as 100g of pasta, 4oz of chicken breast, or a piece of bread.

You are comparing a GUESS, to a scientifically proveable and testable number.
Actually, determining the number of calories in a single portion of food is very difficult. Sure, we all know how many calories are in a Tbsp of butter, but what fraction of that tablespoon actually ended up on a particular customer's plate? Customer A's plate of mixed veggies was mostly broccoli, but customer B's was mostly carrots. Customer C's steak was leaner, while Customer D's mashed potatoes got an extra ladle of gravy. And the more complex the dish, the more difficult it is.

With that said, 1000 calories is a lot, well beyond the kind of errors I'm talking about.

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