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Re: Cfcc Bccc 2010

And so it begins:
I'm 72" and 257 pounds of man. 18.5" biceps relaxed and 19.5" when the pressure's on. 41.5" at the naval at an approximate 22% BF. Diet is standard but I'm going a little heavier on the protein due to existing muscle mass. My goal is to lean below 15% BF.

I'll be a regular fixture at CFCC for these coming thirty days, hoping to minimize rest days by using only the good stuff for fuel and getting plenty of sleep.

Here's day one's dietary adventure.
Cals - 2496
Fat - 84 g
Cholesterol - 555 mg
Sodium - 2389 mg
Carbs - 215 g - need correction
Sugars - 41 g
Fiber - 38 g
Protein - 239 g

Here's the food I ate:
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