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Re: Cfcc Bccc 2010

Ok, here are my stats for Tuesday August 3rd

My log is at this link below from (wfs).......if this link is not allowing anyone to view please let me know....this should make it easier that writing everything out since it is already logged and has the calories, protein,carbs and fats broken down nice and neat. (WFS)

My total numbers for the day

Calories 2,027
Carbs 170G (Dead on)
Pro 156G (+11)
Fat 81G (+6)

I went over 11G on the protein and 6 grams on the fat, I think I had a little too much steak for dinner:stir:, but I feel like my numbers are pretty dead on since I use my little scale to weight my meats and fruits and veggies. Only tweek I think I would have made was a protein snack of some sort inbetween lunch and dinner.....dinner was late tonight because of OLY class...........

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