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Re: Employee Terms of Agreement?

Originally Posted by Brian Strump View Post
The agreement that we use is only for the manager of the affiliate, he's paid $25/class hr, and $12.50/hr when doing non class time work.
Yeah, sorry, I didn't mean that to be directed toward you. I would have a non-compete for this guy as well.

One of the Atlanta CF gyms (one that I don't like at all) required 100% of its trainers, many of whom work only 2 or 3 classes a week and make $10/h, to sign a non-compete. The non-compete was, according to the contract, enforceable even if the employee was fired for no reason. It also said that trainers could not discuss "trade secrets," which included typical crossfit programming and how to do exercises like kettlebell swings. I'm assuming that if they have ridiculous terms like this in there, other affiliates do as well. It's a good way to get your entire contract voided in a lot of states (some states will just rewrite certain parts -- "blue pencil" states -- and others, "red pen" states will void the whole thing).
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