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Re: Dad bragging on 6 year old daughter

Originally Posted by Warren C Ellison View Post
Proud Dad Alert be Warned!!!

I took my 6 year old daughter to the gym and the daycare center was closed so I decided to let her come out to the "Warehouse" (crossfit stuff in this room) and play while we worked out. We happened to be starting a new cycle of SS and started off with a mini wod and warm up. No AC in warehouse and it was 95 degrees and 43% humidity outside so it was sweaty to say the least.

So my daughter starts playing around with medicine balls, kettle bells, and swiss balls and seems to be having fun. BTW, my daughter is 4 foot 3 with appropiate weight for that height. I finish up my deadlifts and I see that she has created what she calls an obstacle course. It consists of jumping over a small tire, 8lb medicine ball for sumo DL [she called them "Pick ups"), small bench to jump on 10 times, crunches on swis ball, then push a swiss ball around the warehouse while running, and then 5 pushups. I got her to teach me the course and I did it with her once and told her I would help her clean up and that I was proud of her. But wait, she then tells me we have to do 45 rounds so I talk her down to 3 and we take turns doing it together. I helped her with her sumo and pushup forms. It was one of our greatest bonding times together. The kettlebell instructor came out to watch and sent her husband to come observe what a 6 year created.

We left there drenched in sweat holding hands talking about how good of a workout we just had. We are going again this weekend and I'll try to get it on video to share.
Thats awesome brah! I hope when I have a kid it's as bad*** as yours! Actually, I would probably be excited if he/she was intersted in sports or fitness at all.
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