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Re: Kelly Moore's "New lease on life" log

Beautiful outside today, but I'm running my first 5k race in Fort Atkinson tomorrow. Changed the WOD to a shoulder friendly strength workout:

10 rounds for time:

3 full ROM HSPUs - hands on 12" high stools, head touching floor each rep

10 deadhang, no kip, chest or collarbones touching bar pullups


15:47 - No breaks on the HSPUs. I know that sets of 5 are too much for me right now, and now I know that sets of 3 are too easy. Sets of 4 should be just right for the next time.

Pullups with zero momentum and a high pull are interesting....I was breaking the sets after the second round and my pulls went from middle of chest to collarbones. When I could barely pull my collarbones to the bar I dropped off for a quick break. Throat touches didn't count. Many quick breaks those final rounds. Biceps were cramping from that inward pull to the bar.
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