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Re: Hybrid programs

Originally Posted by Roey Gilberg View Post
--In doing a WOD to finish off your program for the day, what do you typically do? Create your own based on things you'd like to work on? Or would you recommend just plucking one from the mainsite, as long as it satisfies your metcon conditions (short, heavy, functional)?
Look at my log. My rule when I was doing this was "nothing over 10 minutes." Sometimes the main site WOD fit the bill (Elizabeth, Helen, Fran). Others you can cut down (half Cindy, 3 rounds of "Quarter Gone Bad"). Most I just made up with exercises that fit my goals (I happened to like most of them). Add some of the functional implements into your metcon and you'll see what I mean.

Originally Posted by Roey Gilberg View Post
--For handstand practice and front lever practice, do you use the combined 60 second set format layed out by Coach Sommer? How much of this work do you do before moving on to the lift for that day?

Yes for front lever. I'm moving through the progressions. On handstands, I suggest spending some time holding a handstand and some time working on a freestanding one. I'm a long way away from that.
Originally Posted by Roey Gilberg View Post
--You say sprint often...where would this fit in with regards to the template? Into a WOD?
Usually in a WOD. Because of my 10-minute rule, I used a lot of 200s (since 400s ate up so much time). 100s are nice, too.

Start walking to get more places. Than run. Jog to your car. Run to your mailbox. Take a soccer ball, kick the damn thing, run to it and kick it again. Just run, man.

Originally Posted by Roey Gilberg View Post
I realize that these templates are customizable in a lot of ways, but I'm just hoping to get a better feel for how you approach them before I embark.
I approach them by attacking. Keep it heavy, short, and intense. Lift heavy crap off the ground, over your head, or carry it for a distance. Listen to your body and feed it what it needs. If you do that, you can't go wrong.
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