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Re: Starting tiny; does it still work?

Originally Posted by Isaac Lee View Post
I'm working towards opening an affiliate. I want to start very small just like the CF-L1 handbook details via Glassman'a starting model.

In your opinion, is this still viable in a day and age where CrossFit has matured and people expect a polished box bustling with members and equipment?
I honestly can't say, personally. But I hope so. I think I'd like to do the same thing. I've been in the game for about 6 years and I love it but the business of Crossfit seems to have changed so much. every box now seems to be about 1/3 crossfit and 2/3 add-ons. The things I see people adding on appeal to that "95%" I think. Yoga is a standard. Cardio, kickboxing, so many other things.

I want a clean gym yes, but I miss the gritty feel of a whiteboard with RX standards, scores, and people who want to sweat. A lot of the boxes I'm seeing now seem more like Curves, with barbells.

So I'm making my own gym. Will it ever get approved to be an affiliate? I dont know. Will it profit...? don't know that either. I just know that these gyms have too much fluff for me.
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