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Re: B&R or Castro vs Rogue bar for Room gym

I have a B&R and Rogue Bar. The bare steel on the B&R feels great but the black zinc + Rogue knurl pattern on the Rogue Bar is awesome as well. I think I personally prefer the knurl on the Rogue Bar because it's a little more aggressive.

As far as QC and shipping concerns about the B&R, I also had these concerns after what I had read online and bit the bullet anyways. Unfortunately I landed a bad bar and have to exchange mine as well because of QC issues. It seems to be a pretty common issue if you are at all picky about receiving a nice bar. It's a York problem though, the Rogue-built stuff seems to always show up consistently great.

The difference between the Rogue Bar and B&R diameter is only half a millimeter, I wouldn't let that even factor in to your decision to be honest. If you ever wanted to do a powerlifting competition, you would have to use a 29mm bar anyways (at least in the IPF) so the B&R bar diamater is not large by any means, it's actually the international powerlifting standard.

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