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Re: B&R or Castro vs Rogue bar for Room gym

Originally Posted by Nathaniel Lajoie View Post
The oil can be a little of a pain, so you'd have to make sure you wear a shirt that's not meant for anything but working out. Also, make you'd have to make sure to wipe the bar clean before using it after oiling it. The smell doesn't bother me at all using 3 in 1 oil. Overall, to me, bare steel feels the best in my hands, and the knurling feels better.
Oh, so oil would get all over your clothes and plates if you miss a spot in pre-workout wipe down?

I would get sweat on the bar, from hands and back.

I don't care much for center knurl, can tape it either way. I want to have a nice grip though but maybe black zinc is nice enough.
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