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B&R or Castro vs Rogue bar for Room gym

Couple of questions:

1. Bare steel has to be oiled weekly with 3 in 1 or maybe WD-40 to stay shiny. How much does this smell? I sleep and watch TV in the same room, really don't like chemical smells.

2. B&R is used at Westside Barbell for rack pulls and is still straight. Does that mean you too can use it for pulls against the advice of using a cheap bent bar for the purpose?

3. B&R has a gap in the sleeve that some people find frustrating. I have tight fitting hole plates, how annoying will it be?

4. Black zinc on Rogue bar is supposed to be "chalky" and a better grip than chrome and bright zinc. But how much worse is it than bare steel?

5. B&R has a bit of QC and shipping complains. I'd like to avoid any returns. Any stats on how frequent they are?

6. My hand is 5 1/2 inches from wrist to tip of middle finger. Should I opt for lowest diameter? How do I tell if it will be a problem?

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