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Re: Stop Anthos from Taking over CrossFit

Originally Posted by Lauren Glassman View Post
I believe you have already seen my response to these claims as well as Anthos'. My only comment for the affiliate community, at this point, is to contact Mr Kelly of Anthos and talk to him. Form your own opinion, not one built on spin and self interest.

Much love, respect, and admiration,

Lauren Jenai Glassman
You've made a quite the living off of spin and self interest. Quite a few lives you have smashed up here in Prescott along the way. Amazingly, you have found a way to beat up on the affiliate community like you did my wife, the CrossFit Prescott trainers and clients, and myself. Everyone who VOLUNTEERED their lives to help you and you turned your back with a short note and abdication. All those volunteers who spent HOURS and DAYS setting up your affiliate you turned your back on. All those volunteers who spent own money and time (DAYS and WEEKS) working the games and those early you turn your back on them. Pathetic.

Almost a year to the day the tone of your actions are the same as the day you tried to walk away with Andrea's, and my, hard work....
  • A short note.
  • A complete abdication of your responsibilies.
  • And the kicker, a throw away sign off muttering love, respect, and admiration.

As usual, you leave word for everyone to contact someone else about your actions.

All of this, just like you did to my wife and I the night before our son was born when we were packing to go to the hospital... with a facebook post. Not a personal meeting, not a call, not even a text message. A cowardly facebook post.

You are amazingly self-centered, you truely believe you are better than everyone else, and you feel entitled to everyone else's stuff.

While jetting around Scottsdale in your Porsche with the top must realize at least for a are not a victim. The emotional development of a 7 year old to be sure, but not a victim.

Lady, I can barely wait to sit back and watch 'karma' mess you up. I am so thankful I am here to see it.
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