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Re: Stop Anthos from Taking over CrossFit

Could someone please explain to me what the concern is all about? I may seriously be missing something, but please explain why this is not accurate...

If there is gridlock between Anthos and Greg, then Anthos has the option of not doing anything, selling out to Greg, or forcing dissolution. Forcing dissolution is monetary suicide for Anthos, since the brand image is not going to be worth anything without support from the community. The other two options don't hurt the community.

This is all confusing to me. I do not understand at all: a) why Lauren Glassman, whom I have never met (but who seems pretty reasonable) did not sell to Greg Glassman for a better offer than Anthos; or b) why Greg Glassman and a bunch of the CF crew think that Anthos is going to make all the affiliates sell crappy supplements and become franchises. I, also, don't understand why they aren't concerned that Lauren Glassman would do the same thing if she is just being vengeful... The whole thing seems completely nonsensical.
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