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Re: Final games thoughts

There were good things about it. I thought the first event was a good idea. I think they still have a ways to go to make it more spectator friendly. Some of it was just soooooo boreing to watch. Agree with the last event. After so many wall balls and box jumps it's just like....yeah I get it, now who's going to finish first? The sled pull was fun to watch though.

One thing I will say...standards. The movements standards have become GARBAGE and I think that REALLY needs to be fixed. It's one things for form to break down when your going fast and to do some ugly lifts. I think it's another things to ALLOW pushing off the knees with your hands on squats, those retarded bent arm/ sumo pull hybrid kettle bell swings, and bent leg L-sits. It's called an L-sit for a reason. If you're going to bend your legs that's a different movement.

Congrats to Froning and Annie. They are definitely good competitors. Bridges was a nice surprise and hopefully we'll see more of him.
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