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Re: Gillian Mounsey Article

Originally Posted by Jim Denofa View Post
How do you? If you are doing high intensity clean and jerks you are probably goiing to press out some jerks. You own an affiliate, you know that not all of your atheletes do the workouts with 100% ideal technique. You probably use your judgement to determine when to dial people back or let them finish etc. If you do CrossFit with any type of intensity(I'm guessing you do) you know that your own technique has a tendency to break down as well. I am also guessing that you have never experienced any serious injuries as a result?
You might press out a jerk and think it is acceptable, but other people do not, me being one of them. It is as bad as cutting off a squat and calling it good enough. It is not. If it is pressed out it is not a jerk. Either do it right or do something that you can do correctly. There is never an excuse for sloppy technique that does not measure up to standard. Well, other than bragging about time, I suppose.

If you want to press or push press for time, call it what it is. But do not call them jerks. You are comparing yourself to everyone who does the exercise correctly. This is akin to the gym lifter who bounces 315 off his chest with his *** a foot in the air while his 'spotter' hauls the bar up screaming 'it's all you bro!!!'

In the world of strength, standards matter, and if CrossFit wishes to compare itself to athletes, then it needs to perform up to standard.