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Re: Negative Reps

Originally Posted by Jacob Israel Briskin View Post
I think the answer to your first question is "more complex than is necessary or ideal for someone still in the novice phase".

As for the second point, I'm a little hazy on the details of how exactly the conjugate method progresses weights. If it's not too much of a pain, could you outline how a totally untrained beginner would start off on a conjugate method? After learning the lifts, of course.

Your first statement is pure opinion. Have you properly trained beginners using both methods and observed the results?

Let's use ME day for an example. For the beginner I would recommend switching movements every 4th week instead of weekly. Beginners need the neural practice to optimize each movement and switching weekly precludes that in my opinion.

In terms of progression, it is pretty simple. You are going for a PR each week. So, if it were the overhead press you would work up to a max single weeks 1-3 each time trying to better your previous best. On the 4th week the exercise would be switched. So, for example, one might choose incline bench press and then repeat the process for 3 weeks. After the PR on the main exercise each week special exercises are performed to help address observed weaknesses and as assistance work (i.e. hitting the triceps hard).
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