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Re: Negative Reps

Originally Posted by Chris Mason View Post
No worries, those are valid concerns.

First, how complex is it for someone to rotate their main exercise by body part once every 3 weeks or so (conjugate system)? How complex is it to test a max and use a percentage load for speed work?

To address the second point, I think the same beginner will make even BETTER progress with a conjugate based system. Why would I not want to give them the best results?
I think the answer to your first question is "more complex than is necessary or ideal for someone still in the novice phase".

As for the second point, I'm a little hazy on the details of how exactly the conjugate method progresses weights. If it's not too much of a pain, could you outline how a totally untrained beginner would start off on a conjugate method? After learning the lifts, of course.
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