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Re: Negative Reps

Thank you for all the input and help. I greatly appreciate it.

All of the input has been valuable to me. I'm really not at a point where I've reached a plateau or a sticking point...I've literally never trained squats or deadlifts. However, I'm not really a novice with regard to all lifts...I trained bench press extensively. On bench I had trouble pushing beyond 2X bodyweight until I added negatives and reduced my training volume. Negative reps have helped me on pull ups greatly as well and got me close to being able to add my full bodyweight for a rep.

I've dabbled in crossfit over the past 6 months or so, but really haven't been full scale "on board" until the last month or so. I've been doing functional movements and training my cardio endurance...but I've done my own programming and have been admittedly focused on working my strengths. I'd like to participate in the sectionals/games next year and it's clear to me from the stats that people post that I'm extremely deficient in squats and deadlifts. If I want to be competitive, I need to bring my squats, deadlifts, overhead squats, and snatches in line with my bench and pull ups.

Based on the feedback you've provided...I'll plan to start pyramid type progression program and if I can get to a sticking point/plateau...I'll begin to incorporate the negatives or Westside methods to try to move to the next level.
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