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Re: What motivates you DURING a WOD?

The most interesting and best part of Crossfit for me is the internal battle that goes on both before and during a WOD. I don't really care what anyone else's time or weight was(but it is great that they post the results from guys like Speal and Khalipa). Everytime I do a workout, I always try to make a game plan before. I tell myself," I'll rest when I get to this rep", or,"I'll do sets of 10 then take a few deep breaths and keep going...". It is so hard to ignore the pain during a WOD and convince yourself to keep going and stick to your plan, even though you know you physically can. Your body just screams at you to take a break, but you push through. Every time this happens, I learn so much about myself, and it gives me a huge boost of confidence. It is also very humbling, especially to simply complete a brutal WOD to honor fallen heros. This is why I love Crossfit.
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