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Re: Anyone have pics?

Originally Posted by Árni Björn Kristjánsson View Post
Hi guys,

This is my first post on this forum, just joined

Great to see sucsess photos from you. Here is one from me.

Before picture taken in August 2009, after pic taken in 11th of February.

I've lost even more weight now and feel great. Started doing CF 3x times a week in September and then in January started doing it 5-6x a week. I feel so much better now!

Regarding the diet then I've been trying semi-paleo for a few months now. Cutting out bread and wheat and that kind of stuff completely.

When I was the heaviest i weighed around 280 and now I'm around 230. And ofcourse I've gained some muscles while loosing fat.


Árni Björn
CrossFit Sport / Iceland
Well done Árni! You had a 'teddy bear' look going for you in the before picture, but now you're looking lean and well o the way to awesome. Well done and good luck.
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