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Re: Beware of Kalsu

Originally Posted by Stephen Yosypiw View Post
Personal info: 20yo, 170lbs.

So about a month ago I posted a thread saying I'd try Kalsu. Took a while after gettin a bit sick, but I finally tried it today. Scaled down to a 95lb barbell.
My final time was 27:29.
It was terrible and yet life-changing at the same time.
I reckon I can pull off a better time next try in a few months, but was just wondering what times other people have gotten with this workout? I don't know what to compare it to, so any opinions of any sort would be appreciated. Cheers

And I respect people who can do this with 135lbs. That is just BEASTLY.
I think Robb Orlando posted a thread here 4-6 weeks ago on this exact topic - also, CFFootball did this workout a few months ago - maybe August? - so you could check people's reported results there for a ballpark.

Hope this helps.
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