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Re: Jeremy's Garage (er... Living Room) Gym

Originally Posted by Debra Rainer View Post
Must be nice to have an entire room just for working out. I can only dream

Goodluck and have fun you deserve it

Thank you! It's definitely easier to work out when it's the main room of the house. The weights just kind of stare you in the face and says "LIFT ME!"

Originally Posted by Kris Murphy View Post
NICE! Any problem dropping the weights on the floor with the tile under the rubber?
Thanks! So far, no problems. I've actually taken a 45lb plate above head high and dropped it on the tile itself with no problem (and more plates just means more area so it's approx. the same pressure anyway). I did that figuring I have a few extra tiles that I could replace that with just in case. I figure if a 45 could break it from head high, I might need more cushioning. The rubber matting is 3/8" all around but if you notice in the pics where the barbell is in the middle, there are actually two additional layers there where I do my O-lifts (so it's 1-1/8" thick in that area). Eventually, I'm going to build a platform so it'll have more reinforcement there too. But for now, I seem to be safe.

(Though I'm worried about accidentally dropping a dumbbell/kettlebell though. Never tested that so I hope that doesn't happen. My heavier kettlebells have a rubber bottom, but if the sides hit, I don't know what it will do. And my dumbbells are all metal)

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