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Re: Bodyweight Workout Resource v2.0

Originally Posted by Matt D. Thompson View Post
How are you guys using this? Are you just picking one randomly when needed, or using it to focus on something in particular?

I would like to use this to pull from for my daily workouts since I currently don't have the money to buy equipment or go to an affiliate.

What would be the best way to go about doing that?
Well fortunately I have access to equipment and I own some, so I don't have to rely on this that much.

But if I didn't have anything, I would make sure to maintain the constantly varied part of CrossFit. It's tough to do when all you're doing is bodyweight WODs, but it's certainly possible.

It's very easy to take my list and pick random WODs and come up with really bad programming.

Consider these two splits:

Mon: Cindy
Tue: Angie
Wed: Death by Pullups
Thur: Rest
Fri: 150 burpees
Sat: Ryan
Sun: Murph

Mon: Run 10k
Tue: Cindy
Wed: Jumping pistols 5x5 (each leg)
Thur: Rest
Fri: Annie
Sat: 30 muscle-ups
Sun: 6-10x 100m sprints with full recoveries

See the difference?

In the first split, all you're doing is long metcons, way too many pullups and pushups. Not enough strength, not enough speed, not enough recovery. The WODs are all mostly oxidative in the range of 15-40 minutes. They're all great WODs, but in that setup, they're not.

In the second split, you've got a strength workout (pistols), a speed/power workout (sprints), a monostructural endurance (10k), strength endurance (30 MU), and work capacity (Annie and Cindy). The times range from 10-20 seconds in the case of the sprints and up to 40-60 minutes in the case of 10k run. You may be workout similar muscle groups back to back, but you're still giving them enough time to recover. In my opinion, that's a much better split for overall Crossfit-defined fitness.

So I wouldn't recommend picking WODs randomly, but giving consideration to the above.

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