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Re: 100-0 : Your thoughts?

The way I see it, some coaches are out there to disrespect others by running up the score. On the other hand, I know that there are winners and losers. I played many years of football. We were good in High School, we sucked in college, and there was a mix of teams in the NFL. If you really feel like you need to run the score up, what are you proving? Sometimes teams are not as good as you think when you schedule them, and end up being excellent. We played against Oregon State in college, and they were unranked. They spanked us, and ended up being number 8 in the nation that year. That is the price you pay, however, for trying to get a program to the next level. If I were a head coach would I run up the score? I think I would make sure we were winning enough and then put in backups. The reason for changing the game plan is not to ease up on the other team, sometimes the backups are not as prepared as the starters for all of the plays. The team I coach for has many kids that really benefited from getting in the game, but would have screwed up royally if we had kept the same game plan. There is simply not enough time in the week to get everyone on the team all of the reps at positions that they "might" be playing. I think that whoever you put in is going to play their hardest, or else they wouldn't be playing sports at all. If it ends up that all of your backups are kicking tail as well, so be it. It has nothing to do with feeling sorry for the other team. There is some sort of respect and sportsmanship that goes along with playing sports. Do we as CrossFitters walk out of the gym when others are still finishing the WOD? No. We cheer others on until they finish. There is nobody at the CrossFit games that sat there and talked trash until others finished. I think that it comes down to sportsmanship. There are some people out there with zero respect for others. Do all coaches that run up the score have no respect? No, but I think this is where people get upset.

Like I said, I know there are winners and losers. I have no problem with losing, I've been on that lopsided losing team too. It hurts, and it sucks. it also made me a better player and person to have experienced it.

My .02