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Re: 100-0 : Your thoughts?

Originally Posted by Ryan Jones View Post
Personally, I'm a fan of running up the score and piling on the points. Everyone should play to the best of their ability for the entire game, no one should be expected or forced to play less than his or her best. The only people at fault are those who scheduled a game against a high school consisting of 20 special needs students.
Exactly I hate it when coaches change their gameplan to keep from running up the score. I am all about putting in the second third and fourth stringers but play the game that got you there.

Also in high school football we were up during one game 70-0 at the half and the starters had been out since the end of the first half. The opposing teams coach asked our coach if they could just run the clock the second half. So we played the second half with no clock stoppages and ended up winning 84-0.