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Re: A Bears Tale

Originally Posted by Scott Jenkins View Post
Hello Dominic , I train in Chelmsford (where i live) which is about 10 miles north of London. I noticed you have an affiliate in Manchester which must be fantastic. I have to train at Fitness First(globo). From what i remember you have some very impressive numbers on your OHS and most of the big lifts.

I am going to Crossfit London on May 28th for a ring training seminar. Unfortunately they do not have a regular gym but just run occasional courses. I would be very interested to know how things are done at Crossfit Manchester and how popular it is etc. Thanks for dropping in mate.
Hi Scott,

Apols for late reply, been in Greece for the last week. I know Chelmsford, I grew up in Ipswich so had a few nights out there when I was a nipper

Yep, I train up at the affiliate here in Manchester about 3-4 times per week. Its a fantastic gym, no machines, just racks, rowers and pull up bars plus what you would expect from a Crossfit Gym, kettlebells, dumbells, medicine balls etc. Its run by Mark Beck and Karl Steadman and they have about 80 of us signed up to do exclusively crossfit (The gym doesnt do anything else). They have been really successful and I think this has been achieved by the sense of community they have at the gym and the mix of people who are of all ages and abilities. We all get fitter faster and stronger together. Theres a lot of and a lot of so its great

OHS, yeah, I like that one, got to get to 15 at bodyweight before Richard!
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