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Re: A Bears Tale

Tuesday 20th May 2008

AMRAP Pull ups Kipping - 26 PR by 1
AMRAP Pull ups DH - 15 PR
TABATA PULL U'S - 14/9/9/8/8/8/8/8 = 72 PR. Well done Richard i was chasing your 81 today

Row 1,000m
25 Burpees
Row 750m
50 Burpees
Row 500m
75 Burpees for time = 23.32
Very happy with this as i put absolutely everything into it and it should be very hard to beat so good luck!! All Burpees were textbook jump through the heals.
I looked up Eric Brandoms time and went after it - 22.18. Yes Kirez he certainly is a monster.
Fran 3:19. Diane 2:49. Elizabeth 5:48. Cindy 26+21. Helen 7:50. JT 7:03. Grace 1.56

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