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Re: Power Rack or Squat Stand?

Thomas, one more thing, I'm speaking from experience when I say it's crap. Take a look at my avatar - I used that static squat stand for YEARS and hated it (only choice I had at local gym). Like Scott mentioned you may run into issues with depth. You may also run into issues with a comfortable unrack height (for some it was too low or too high, nothing in between). You may also hit the pin above when unracking (that's great for confidence when going for a heavy squat - LOL). And you'll have to walk completely outside of the rack for OHS because if you drop the bar you are guaranteed to bend it when it hits the safety arms.

If you can't move your j-hooks to the outside (most power racks can do this), then look into squat stands or a half rack. But I'd avoid the static squat stand you posted at all costs.
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