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Re: Insurance cancelled because crossfit is dangerous!

Your instinct in pursuing the matter with your insurance company is correct. You need not give up at this stage. Nor should you attach too much importance to what a junior rep told you on the phone. You need to escalate the matter to a senior level. But writing a letter to the underwriter is not the best way to proceed.

Contact the ombuds office of your insurance company by telephone. Leave voice mail saying you are about to file a complaint with the Ontario Financial Services Commission (the regulatory agency for insurance companies, among others.) The basis of your complaint is the company acted in bad faith by making a decision without considering evidence you offered: your certifications and statistics. Say that, as a courtesy, you will delay your complaint to the OFSC for 72 hours -- provided you hear back from them.

I can almost guarantee someone from the ombuds office will call you back quickly. Most likely, the ombuds rep will explain that he cannot reverse the decision of a business unit -- just make sure your complaint is heard and your evidence is considered. The ombuds rep will most likely forward your concerns to an underwriting executive. The ombuds rep will then track the status of your complaint through the internal review system.

So what will you have achieved by following this course? Perhaps nothing. But at least you will have gotten the attention of a relatively senior official quickly. And you will get to make your case. But the ultimate outcome may -- or may not -- be to your liking.
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