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Ben Moskowitz
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I think I might have come in from the "improper lifting" category, despite my efforts to maintain muscular balance in the past.
I also tried cleaning heavy weight prior to getting instruction. I think the combo of that plus generally inflexible shoulders put me in a mild ache situation.
I have been off of workouts for about a week. My plan is just to lay off of all upper body exercise until I'm %100.

I thought I was in good enough shape to start intense with a scaled WOD, but I wasn't fit top to bottom. Oh well.

I guess the coolest thing I learned is that working out with a broomstick can have the same great effect as heavy weight because of the neurological training, which is significant and taxing. Shoulda started with that.

Just checking, is plain rest the best protocol? Would stretching/massage/"rehab"-type exercise just inflame and upset the shoulder?}
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