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From right to left: Elite Rings, Gill Rings, Torque Athletic Rings

Thanks Ahmik I just got the rings today! The following is my non-expert opinion.

Elite Rings - 1" Diameter Plastic- Pros:Quick setup, long straps for ring pushups, lightweight, unique engineering in Ring construction
Cons: Some complain that they are too smooth & it takes a while to get them

Gill Rings - 1" Diameter Plastic- Pros: Knurling on solid plastic surface, a little heavier than the Elite, solid strap system with elastic for excess
Cons: Takes longer to setup than Elite, straps aren't as long as Elite

Torque Athletic - 1.25" Diameter - Pros: More robust steel tubing construction, comes with grip tape
Cons: Larger diameter is a harder for those with smaller hands, straps are not as easy to thread through clasp compared to Elite, straps are not as long as Elite(Elite and Gill are CrossFit grown)

Hope this helps those interested in buying some rings!}
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