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Sean J Hunter
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Re: Senior Coach Job Description / Person Specification

Great reply Patrick, Thank you!

Much appreciate the offer of help, I'll definitely take you up on that.

And yes your post made me laugh, I often have to undertake a recruitment process, so use recruiting documentation regularly, and you and I are on the same page here. Sometimes the process drives things instead of the goal.

I also plan to tackle it in a similar fashion to what you've suggested.

I'll mainly use the documentation to manage my own expectations of who I'm hiring. And to identify training needs. I also find thorough documentation helps one avoid what I call "recruiting by gut" instead of "recruiting by the numbers".

As an occasional amateur HR guy, I look forward to talking further. If you're open to it, I'll forward my more detailed document once I'm done with it in the next couple of weeks. I'd find your feedback valuable.



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