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Re: Fair male vs female fight?

Originally Posted by Rob Carrillo View Post
well, for the most part, aside from the heavyweight division (and on an individual fighter / weight class basis), fighters are weighing in at lean body weight.
Not sure what you mean here. Sure they are fairly lean, but I'm talking about bodyweight minus body fat which differs significantly between genders. Most fighters look about 10% or a bit less bodyfat, whereas female fighters who appear about as lean are probably closer to 18% bodyfat just because of biological factors. So, if you went by fat free body mass a fairly lean 145 woman would get paired against a fairly lean 130 or so man, which would even things some. Maybe not enough, but I thought it was an interesting idea.

Originally Posted by Rob Carrillo View Post
whenever I think of Cyborg, I can't help but think of this Cyborg: (WFS)

one of the greatest fights ever. if you've never seen it before, be sure to watch to the very end!!
Nice! Thanks, that was entertaining. I like stand up (I wish K-1 had taken off in the US), and a good slugfest is always entertaining.
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