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Re: Fair male vs female fight?

Originally Posted by Rob Carrillo View Post
Mighty Mouse is the flyweight champ, and I believe he would K(Rousey)TFO! I do however believe that Meisha put up a damn good fight against Rousey and with that being said, I disagree that no female fighter in the UFC is even close to her.
I'm new to UFC, but I agree with that last statement from Rob. Rousey's grappling game outclasses all of her opponents (no surprise, since she's an Olympic medalist), but Meisha was able hang with her until she hit the floor.

Rousey will find the road to be a bit rougher if/when she encounters someone who can stay on their feet *and* punch with her. `Course, that's easier said than done against an Olympic bronze medalist. If Rousey can get her girl down, she's going to submit her.

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