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Re: Fair male vs female fight?

Originally Posted by David Meverden View Post
OK, bear with me here. I got to thinking after I read an article about how there is no female fighter even close to Rhonda Rousey in the UFC and after having a conversation about a publicity stunt male vs female fight. My coworker was wondering if you could have some kind of rule that would even the playing field in a male vs female fight.

Well what if you matched male and female fighters based on lean body mass instead of total body mass?

If you look at muscle tissue in women and men the contractile ability is mostly equivalent for equal cross sectional area. Similarly, if men and women with similar training backgrounds are compared on lb for lb basis of LEAN body mass (not total body mass since women naturally have higher body fat), their strength levels are typically fairly close, especially in the lower body (not identical, especially at 1RM tasks, due to neurological and geometric/anthropomorphic factors, but somewhat close).

If you assume Rhonda Rousey has 18% bodyfat and a typical male fighter has 10% bodyfat then that means that the 135# bantamweight Rousey would be matched against a 125# male featherweight because both have about 110# of lean tissue.

So, thoughts? do you think Rhousey could hang against most male featherweights? Would she have a shot against Demetrious Johnson, the featherweight champ? I know that if she keeps finding zero real female competition I'd love to find out.
Mighty Mouse is the flyweight champ, and I believe he would K(Rousey)TFO! I do however believe that Meisha put up a damn good fight against Rousey and with that being said, I disagree that no female fighter in the UFC is even close to her.
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