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Re: Gslp

Probably an error on my part from whatever site I was reading up on the program.

So it essentially comes down to three lifts per workout plus the accessory work, right?

Bench Press or Shoulder Press @ 5-5-5+
Curls @ 12-15 x 2 sets
Squats @ 5-5-5+

Bench Press or Shoulder Press (whichever wasn't worked on day 1) @ 5-5-5+
Power Clean @ 3-3-2-1 (to failure)
Deadlift @ 5 reps

Bench or Shoulder (Day 1 exercise) @ 4-6 reps then 12-15 reps
Curls @ 12-15 x 2 sets
Squats @ 4-6 reps then 12-20 reps

In week 2 chin-ups subs for curls and you swap bench/shoulder press so the other one gets 2 days of work, then back to week 1 programming.

Thats my understanding of it anyway. Without some programming I'd likely fall into old habits of repeating the same 3-4 lifts each day.
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