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Re: Paleo with Carb Back-Loading Principals

I was on leangains IF for 3 months but I train AM and didnt really see the size gains I wanted, I was losing about 0.5 cm in various stomach areas.

I then switched to carb back loading .

It's pretty much the same formula just purely carbs mainly in evening.
If u train fasted
U could have a post workout carb for size/strength gains or go without for fat loss.

I've kept my macros the same more or less.
190g protein , 60g fat , 250g carbs

Non training:
190g p, 90g fat , 25g carbs

I was a little confused with calorie cycling but understand now it goes out the window as my backloads sometimes are on my no training day evenings. But obviously the cycling would not work. Can only do properly 2 days a week back to back.

I'm very strict paelo : carbs from swt potato , yams, plaintain , bananas & cherries.

Does all this sound good?

With time structuring: it looks like this

7am pre shake (lecuine eaa bcaa hmb) / espresso
7:30am workout: 5/3/1 Bbb
8:45am post shake: mix of whey, lecuine hmb, water & usually ripe banana
1:30pm lunch : 200g cooked lean protein (chicken tuna salmon) salad leaves cucumber tomatoes etc , mct oil tbsp
7:30pm dinner : 450g cooked protein, small amount of green veg , carbs usually 650g carbs , some fat from coconut oil, banana or cherries
9pm : before bed 2 boiled eggs , some bit of protein

Does this look right?

Anymore tips?

Ps: I'm about to go on holiday for 16 days and will not be working out, would it be best to switch to carb nite for this period of time , while doing body weight / walking/ sprints exercises?
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