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Re: dizzyness, shakyness, and low lying headache...need some advise

Originally Posted by Nik Nichols View Post
Sounds alot like what I went through but not 100%. Which turned out to be low blood sugar. (hypoglycemia) Are you getting enough carbs?

I think so, but not sure....I had a bit of sweet potato yesterday..a few beers...some sushi for lunch, and some lo_mein...didnt eat a lot though...was not hungry..didnt feel good yesterday during the day....then I had a workout...then I felt ok for the night time....and the dizzyness subsided...and it is gone as I write this. However I am getting very shaky and my muscles in my lats, shoulders, triceps, and wrists are all sore...and my hands are shaky as I write this.

AS far as hypoglycemia is mother is a diabetic...she has tested my sugars numerous times and they are within normal range. My fasted blood sugar as per my blood test is 94..which seems to be in range.



Not sure if I should workout like this with this shakyness/fatigue...
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