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Re: Trap Bar DeadLift Form

Originally Posted by Robert Fabsik View Post
How tall are you? I wonder if you would be better off with the trap bars that have the elevated handles.

I'm 5'6" and the bar you are using is fine for me and my giant brother at 5'8".

From the top you are starting the movement by bending your needs and then you get pulled forward. Instead, start by pushing your butt back/breaking your hips then you can let the knees bend. Then keep your weight on your heels at all times.
I’m 6ft 1inch and 1/2 tall, 46 years old and weighed in at 215lbs today. (I've lost a 1/2 inch in height since I was 18.)

“the modest weight you use in the video”

How much weight do you guys think I should be using for my working set?

Updated with today’s workout.

Only rest is changing weights and turning on/off camera.
Link :>

Had not seen your response since coming back from the gym today. Going to think about what you had to say about “pushing your butt back/breaking your hips”.

I had tried watching a lot of youtube videos on Trap Bar DeadLift to try to get some pointers
Most examples I find (where the form looks good) they have their butt/hips high

But this one she really has her butt/hips really low .mov

I tried keeping my hips/butt up higher this set of lifts.
I don’t think I liked the results. And from what you said. This is even worse.
I think it could have been better if I did lower my hips/butt a little more. My legs did not feel near as involved which leads me to believe it shifted the force of the lift possibly more to my lower back which is not want I want at all.

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